MasterLine 8 Renaissance

MasterLine 8 Renaissance

MasterLine 8 'Renaissance' window

The traditional design

The MasterLine 8 Renaissance windows have been redesigned, more true to the traditional ogee detailing in heritage windows. The sash is recessed to the frame on the exterior side and the detailing is more refined.

Renaissance windows are available in most opening types and in the three insulation levels: standard, HI and HI+ with similar insulation properties as the Functional design range.

MasterLine 8 Renaissance windows combine

  • water tightness of 1200Pa, 
  • air tightness of 600Pa with air loss reduction of 80% below class 4 maximum, with 
  • excellent thermal values and 
  • glass weights up to 200kg for a turn-tilt window.




内开的框最小可视面宽度53 mm 
内开框-扇最小可视面宽度97 mm 
外开的框最小可视面宽度20 mm 
外开框-扇最小可视面宽度138 mm 
中挺最小可视面宽度80 mm 
最大扇高2800 mm 
扇最大宽度1200 mm 
最大扇重200 kg 
框型材深度77 mm 
扇型材深度87 mm 
玻璃槽深度27 mm 
最小玻璃厚度4 mm 
最大玻璃厚度58 mm 
最小扇玻璃厚度4 mm 
最大扇玻璃厚度58 mm 


气密性测试最大压力4 (600 Pa)
水密性E900 (900 Pa)
抗风压C5 (2000 Pa)
隔音性能45 (-1;-4) dB dB
隔热119mm: St. 1,9 / HI 1,6 / HI+1,2 W/m²K


  • Fixed WindowFixed Window
  • Inward opening combined elementsInward opening combined elements
  • Inward Opening Double CasementInward Opening Double Casement
  • Inward Opening TiltInward Opening Tilt
  • Inward Opening Tilt TurnInward Opening Tilt Turn
  • Inward Opening TurnInward Opening Turn
  • Inward Opening Turn TiltInward Opening Turn Tilt
  • Outward Opening Combined ElementsOutward Opening Combined Elements
  • Outward Opening Double CasementOutward Opening Double Casement
  • Outward Opening Top HungOutward Opening Top Hung
  • Outward Opening TurnOutward Opening Turn
  • Outward Opening Turn With Friction StaysOutward Opening Turn With Friction Stays
  • Thermo FrontThermo Front
  • Thermo Front Double CasementThermo Front Double Casement