MasterLine 8 Ventilation Vent

MasterLine 8 Ventilation Vent

MasterLine 8 Ventilation Vent

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MasterLine 8 offers ventilation vents in 2 widths for optimal fresh air access: 185mm and 250mm. The vents are optimised for easy installation and aesthetics as the end pieces are adjustable for optimal fit and paintable to match the color of the profiles.

MasterLine 8 ventilation vents are available on 2 different levels of insulation for high insulated, low energy and even passive houses. These different levels of insulation are achieved by the integration of new and clever materials.



内开的框最小可视面宽度53 mm 
内开框-扇最小可视面宽度239 mm 
中挺最小可视面宽度80 mm 
最大扇高2800 mm 
扇最大宽度250 mm 
框型材深度77 mm 
扇型材深度87 mm 
玻璃槽深度27 mm 
隔热条Omega Hollow Chamber  


气密性测试最大压力4 (600 Pa)
水密性9A (600 Pa)
抗风压C5 (2000 Pa)
隔音性能45 (-1;-4) dB dB
隔热119mm: St. 1,9 / HI 1,6 / HI+1,2 W/m²K